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Books Beyond Borders

South Asian Virtual Book Club

Books Beyond Borders (BBB) is an online book club to engage youth networks across South Asia. The club will bring youth interested and passionate about developing a reading culture and joining a like-minded community of readers across South Asia (Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, and India). Each month, we select a book written by an American author or a South Asian author with a connection to the U.S. and provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and insights gained from the reading.


About Us

Books Beyond Borders is a monthly online book club. The book club strives to engage young regional audiences, both public and private schools students, university students, young professionals, emerging leaders, and established opinion leaders, through monthly readings and discussions to promote regional connectivity; reinforce shared U.S. and South Asian audiences’ values; to build communities; to inculcate reading habits; to enhance English Language skills among non-English speaking youths and introduce them to American resources and authors; and to incite thought-provoking discussion that addresses important challenges faced by the society today in the U.S. and South Asian region.